The Family of Birnie

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DataBase Links

        As of June 23’, we will be displaying both Old Parish Records (OPR’s) and Statuary Records (SRI’s) in a linked Index Format.

Our priimary goal this year is linking OPR entries into families, aprox. 1600 to 1835. The SRI extracts to 1923, plus census & immigration records is about complete. When the OPR families are assembled, we will advance into modern records.

In the interim, Please, Please, send in any immigration information to assist us in locating our global family members. Thank you.

Galashiels Birnie Family James Birnie, Washington State Pioneer Family Alexander Birnie, The Peril King  The Dutch Birnies Beta Test: DO NOT COPY

This is a Beta test of a linked data index In Family Historian.  We encourage you to contact us for Family Tree research. As always our research is free to Birnies. We only require you do not redistribute to commercial or religious entities. Thank you.