Today, the Parish of Birnie still exists, but the Village of Birnie is only a tiny settlement consisting of several row houses and a school house (now converted into the Birnie Inn). And of course, there are a couple of distilleries taking advantage of our pure Birnie water.

Now that the original Celtic village has been excavated, a must visit is to the Elgin Museum for the Birnie exhibit. Read Dr. Hunter’s article on his excavations.

We believe the location of Birnie Palace is in a farmers field just outside the village of Thomshill. When the (sometimes fortified) residences were occupied by the Bishops, they where known as Palaces rather than Castles. With only some buried rubble existing, there are no plans for restoration. However, visit Spynie Castle, the "sister" palace that eventually became the Bishop's home after moving from Birnie.

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Elgin Museum

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