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1. Why can't I publish your source extracts on our family web site ?

2. Why are there conflicts in constructing family trees ?

3. Why are the Old Parish Records (O.P.R’s.) such a problem ?


4. Will the website and database (with documentation) be relocated to Scotland ?

1. Please note that our (purchased) documentation is ONLY licensed for our personal use. The intent of our database is to assist your personal research in assembling your ancestral tree.  Essentially, our database is an index that we are linking into family trees. We do not publish the source documents on our web-site, or provide them to the public. However, we do cite the supporting GRO* reference numbers, and an document extract may be obtained directly from the GRO at a reasonable cost. We recommend you collect these extracts to support your personal linage. (*Copyrighted: Government Records Office: Edinburgh)

2. We call it the "common forename dilemma". Problem is, with the multitude of a common forenames in the same local vicinity, and all in the same time-frame, our tree construction is sometimes a process of elimination, and a prayer!  And our core geographic locations for Birnie families were all within walking distance of each other. This often gave us several possible variations in tree assembly. The research is usually "correct at the time of research", but honestly, family tree corrections are not only expected, they really are welcomed!

We understand a lot of our trees have these common forename problems, and some “interpretive” source documentation. However,  we needed an accurate starting point to link today's families back to the Scottish data. Of course, we did not realize there were thousands of Birnie records in the core Scottish family (1855-1915).

NOTE: The SRI source information is indispensable in assembling accurate family trees. For example, a single marriage extract can provide accurate names and ages, event locations &  dates, parents names, occupations, etc.

3. Prior to 1855 they were primarily simple ledger entries.  Examples: 1) Rathen Parish: Feb. 27, 1842, John Birnie, a son born to John and Mary Birnie. 2) Rathven Parish: Jun 12, 1730, Jon Birny of this Parish & Mary Milne of Ellon Parish were married after banns. 3) Pitsligo Parish: 1712, William Birnie, age 92, Died.

However, the geographic or age clues in the ledger entries are not the end of research. First, a remarkable bit of research completed by volunteer members of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family Historical Society . They published booklets containing monument inscriptions collected from gravestones in Aberdeenshire. Then add tax rolls, newspaper articles, court issues, and the big one, Ship’s Transmittal Lists (Passenger Immigration). All clues to collect, but unfortunately, very time consuming to assemble. And our time line for assembling pre-1855 trees, at least until 2020!

4. No! Birnie.Org will remain in Canada for the foreseeable future. Truth is that no one yet will absorb the financial cost, the time commitment to continue research, and honour our contribution to this project. We continue to look for that special Birnie!

Are you a Scottish Birnie ??

Well, originally yes, born in Galashiels, Scotland. The 60’s and American Universities luckily survived me, and since 1970, a Canadian living in British Columbia :):):)

2016 Finally retired at slightly over 70, I am resuming my hobbies of genealogy and coaching “football”. (Too many red cards to play!)

I became interested in my family tree during my many visits back “hame” to my parents. Realizing my personal data was really questionable, I started collecting Birnie documentation, and never stopped.