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Family of Birnie

Q. Why was research suspended for over two years ?

Our lead researcher was on “medical leave” and the website, and data research was suspended. This year he will tidy up the project and search for a replacement (Scottish Birnie ?) during 2019/20. Until then it will continue to be based in British Columbia.

Q. Can I print the photos for my Family Album ?

Yes, certainly may. We deleted the gallery and slider function to get a better look at the photos. And we know it is very expensive to visit Scotland. However if you acquire any photos we would really appreciate you sending them in.

Q. I think my family tree is wrong,  how can I change it ?

We know the problem. My personal tree changed several times. Hundreds of common names in the same location, in the same time frame, give us headaches.  I.e. Even with hard documentation, which birnie was mobile for employment, military, or immigrated, etc. So, big yes, we thrive on any information that helps with the identification, and narrows down our selection of “unidentified”.

Q. Hey, can I get a Birnie tartan or a coat of arms ?

Unfortunately NO. We can’t find a tartan, and getting one designed and registered is VERY expensive. The Coat of Arms is granted by The Court of Lord Lyon, and you must prove linage and bring a truck load of money!

 Gee, I have no knowledge of “ClanBirnie”, “The Family of Birnie”, or the modern “Coat of Arms” logo, used on pens, stationary, t-shirts, or tats. . . . . :):).

Q. When can we expect “ClanBirnie” membership to be official ?

Good question: First, most membership software is online, expensive and the data is “theirs to use or misuse” (i.e. Facebook)! Next we have the problem of reasonable “inclusion”. How much documentation (if any)  do we require?  And finally, we need Trademarks and the government paperwork is endless. Hang in there, we will get there.