Q. Can I print the Photos for My Family Album ?

Q. You are still having a problem assembling family trees, I think mine is wrong ?

Q. Can I copy your database or Excel workbooks ?

Big No! You can use them for research, but NO copying. Please read our Terms of Use page.  Our source BMD documentation is under copyright.

Oh yes!  Common names in the same locations are driving us nuts. James, John, Mary, and Eliz(s)ebeths are giving us a giant headache. We ask that you check our database. If you find the answer, it’s a big, big thank you. Tracking to England (labour migration) or to the colonies (survival) leads to the whole question of who went where?

Q. Your research for a Tartan suggests we never had one, can we get one ?

  Well, we were a large family of the “ordinary folk” of Scotland (with a few exceptions). A tough highly independent group of individuals that became more aligned with independent churches than a traditional clan. So no Tartan!

It’s true that even cities and various group have obtained a tartan. Unfortunately, it takes a pile of cash and some legal dancing to accomplish that.

We have lots lawyers in the family, but getting a Birnie to part with their cash . .  is a giggle. :):):)

Yes, we realize how expensive it is to visit Scotland. However, if you win the lotto, be sure to visit your ancestral country. (And Yes, we really appreciate any new photos!)

The Family of Birnie
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