The Information contained in this site is for your PERSONAL USE ONLY, and we expressly prohibit any commercial use, or distribution to genealogical entities. Copyright Laws apply. Simply, by providing access to our research, without cost to you, YOU AGREE NOT TO RE-DISTRIBUTE this information publicly.

Please Note: It is at the discretion of Birnie.Org to grant access to Birnie.Org, their Database, and the information there in.


The information contained in Birnie.Org is NOT confirmation of pedigree in any form. It simply embraces the family descendents of the original bearers of the name Birnie, regardless of surety, or name spelling. Errors and omissions are not intended, and the contributors and Birnie.Org, accept no legal liability for the contents within. In transcribing very old information, and in the assembly of family trees, there exists the probability of errors. Although we make every effort to avoid misinformation, these occurrences are often unavoidable.

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