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    In 1995, a visit back home to Galashiels started the research in Aberdeenshire for my personal family tree. After absolute failure, I was convinced my ancestor “James Birnie” was the most common name in Scotland. And undoubtedly, I was related to half of Scotland!

    To the rescue came the Elgin branch of the ANESFHS. However, my tree did change yearly, and there was only one solution. Collect every bit of data available.

    By 2015, with minor detours to distilleries, I was buried under BMD images and my Excel spreadsheets. The database looks good, but I need your help as we sort out family trees.

    Me? I am just a retired auld Birnie, still blessed with our Birnie “determination genes”, and a love of good pubs.

The Family of Birnie
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